A message from the General Secretary, Phil Bairstow,

After what seems to be an eternity (over 5 years for me) we are finally in a position to open membership to the Sheffield Telecom Sports and Social Clubs, Fitness Club (Gym), which is located in Eldon House.

As this is a new venture for our Club, and we have no past experience to call on, we are learning about it as we go.

I appreciate that many of you will be experienced gym users, so I ask that you bear with us.

If you have any advice or helpful tips to give us please don't hesitate to call me.

For your own safety, and to satisfy ourselves that we have done all that we can to eliminate any dangers, we are insisting that all gym members have an induction/familiarisation course. This will be given by a qualified gym instructor who is a Club member and works for BT (but not as a gym instructor!). We will try to arrange the induction courses such that people attending them will have a similar level of gym experience.

Induction sessions will normally take place during the lunch break and you are requested to wear appropriate gym attire for these sessions. If lunch times are difficult for you please let me know and we will try to fit you in accordingly. Please drop me a note to indicate what days you can not attend for induction. As you will appreciate it may take some time to fit everyone in, but I will try to give you an early indication of a date/time.

For those of you not located in Eldon House but have an OBASS access card you will need to make sure Eldon House is included on your card. To apply for an OBASS card, or have Eldon House added to your existing card go to the following URL on the intranet, and follow the prompts. This application will need to be authorised by your line manager. Where a reason for access is requested it should be sufficient to simply state "access to welfare facilities".

Photos of the gym can be found below, but if you want to see it with your own eyes, before you commit yourself please drop me a line and I will arrange a date/time with you.

Application and Registration Forms

Gym Rules
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All Enquires to Phil Bairstow

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